Trill City

Houston And Trill

This design was inspired by the energy at Houston's Free Press Summer Fest in 2016. Inside the Trill City tent, people hang out, show love, give feedback, and sometimes even contribute to the creative process.    

In this case, a couple of customers saw one of the early Houston hats in red. One of our crew, Dave Hernandez, was wearing it. It is from our 2012-2013 hat runs and still gets a lot of attention. They said the hat resembled the Netflix font!   
Instantly, someone tossed out "Houston & Chill", referencing the popular phrase used in various viral memes, "Netflix & Chill". This naturally became "Houston & Trill". Dave, himself, offered to work up the image and here it is.
Houston Dedicated Trill City Hat - Houston and Trill Inspiration