Trill City

Y'all Ain't Trill

Are y'all Trill???

Are y'all Trill???

We grew up with "Trill" in Texas, as did the South in general. Its been an almost divine word that is not supposed to be tossed around like "swag". But it blew up, turned into a fad, and that's exactly what happened. It began to mean anything to anyone, open to interpretation. It does, however, have a meaning: True and Real. 

On the surface, this design appeals to Texas pride, ownership of "Trill", and the independence of our state. However, this design is not simply about Texans calling out the misuse of the word in other places.

When we stood on the street holding up our shirts, we caught mean mugs for trying to get up and do something with our time. We would quickly ask those same people, all the way direct, "Are y'all Trill?"... then hit em with the "Y'all Ain't Trill!"

It's something we used to say to people, even in our own state, that hated our designs. They hated just because they didn't come up with them on they're own, despite our message resonating with them. The same people talking shit would repost our designs not knowing they were ours. Or they hated because we didn't fit their old, conventional vision of "Trill". Or they hated because they thought we were trying be as basic as designating a physical location to be Trill City.

As a diverse crew, ethnically and in age, with varying interests, from all over the state, some of us might be on the sippin' drank, swangin' and bangin', in tall tee and J's, as one might expect. Others of us might be thrashing, in skinny's, doing graffiti. UGK showed us and the rest of the south that the point of being Trill is not about being violent, or selling weight, or maintaining a certain appearance, but rather to be True to oneself and Real with others, however it may manifest. This new generation, in Texas and elsewhere, understands Trill in a variety of contexts and transcends old barriers. If y'all don't get that, then Y'ALL AIN'T TRILL!!!